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Piano101 for the Adult beginner.png

Come and find your music

How to play the piano and read music notation for the Adult who has never played before, or perhaps took lessons as a child and would like to revisit the fundamentals.  Any adult who would like a firm grasp on the fundamentals of music, to ensure a solid foundation and to be inspired in their playing.  The course gets you reading right from the start and includes 2 piano pieces to get you playing with confidence.

Piano 101 for producers and DJs.png

Piano skills for DJ's and Producers

The fundamentals of learning to play the piano and read music notation for Producers or DJ's wanting to make better use of the keyboard for their production. You will learn the basics of piano playing and technique for your keyboard as well as the underlying principles of music theory.  These combined will help you with your music production - the ability to play your own riffs and melodies and to understand the language of music when working with session musicians.  This course starts at the very beginning and will allow you to go step by step to playing your first piano piece, through reading rather than just memorising the notes or patterns.

Piano readiness online course.png

Finding out if your child is ready to play the piano

Parents are often hesitant to invest in long term tuition and expensive instruments before knowing if their child has the aptitude for music or will enjoy lessons.  This assessment course takes the child and parent through the beginning stages of what is required in order to learn how to play the piano.  If your child can successfully manage this course and enjoys it, then this will give you the positive encouragement to keep going.  You will be able to determine, after working through each section, whether your child has grasped each new concept and is ready to learn the language of music.