Come & find your music

Learning to play an instrument is like surfing.  You're likely to get pummelled by the waves.  But before you know it you'll be up on the board and riding.  You need to be ok just hanging at backline.  Enjoy the process.  Not just the ride.


I offer vocal coaching to children and adults.  Many of my pupils have gone on to perform for Musical Theatre, some of my adult pupils include actors wanting to improve their repertoire or merely find their singing voice. The ability to breathe and learn to listen are the fundamentals of singing - come & find your voice!

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Tonic Productions offers lessons for Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet & Guitar.  Our teachers are enthusiastic and highly skilled, each with remarkable patience and a genuine care and respect for each pupil's individual musical journey.

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In addition to individual lessons, Toni also offers an 8 week Adults Beginner's Course. This intensive course takes the learner from the beginning of music theory and is perfect for an adult wanting to refresh basics learnt at an earlier age or for an adult learning to play for the first time. This course also cover scales, chords and arpeggios with an emphasis on music reading. By the end of the 8 weeks, with practice, the student will be reading and writing music and playing at a proficient level. The course covers the foundations of music with and emphasis on strong theoretical foundation. The pieces taught allow for flexibility in style and were composed with the adult learner in mind.